Your new pedal is covered by a one year warranty on parts and
labor. This warranty is all inclusive aside from friction based
components such as switches and wah potentiometers.
However you foot switch and wah potentiometer are covered by
a 30 day warranty.
Shipping and handling is typically not covered when sending an
item in for repair under warranty. There are special
circumstances and if you feel you fall under these
circumstances please email me to determine if you are eligible.
The only circumstance when this would apply is if you have
received a brand new pedal that is in non working order.

Although here at Wilson Effects we warranty your product for
one year, if your pedal is out of warranty and begins to have
trouble please send us an email. Please do the same if you
have purchased a Wilson Effect's pedal from a second hand
source as we stand behind our products one hundred percent
and would like to have happy customers whether you are
second hand customers or not.


If you have purchased a Wilson Effect's pedal and are unhappy
with it and would like to return it. We do accept returns and we
do not charge a restocking fee. However any fee's incurred by
payment are nonrefundable. Shipping is also nonrefundable.
Although shipping is free when we ship you your pedal if you
choose to return your pedal the shipping charge will be applied
to your refund. Refunds are only available through your method
of payment as well.  If you return your
pedal and it is damaged in any way, whether this be nicks in
the paint job, velcro on the bottom your refund will be adjust to
reflect the damage to the pedal. Typically we don't have many
returns and the ones we do have we rarely have problems. We
have to have measures in place to protect us from predatory
customers because believe it or not they do exist.
Please email me for
current lead time