Wilson Effects
Wilson Effects
wilson effects
wilson effects
If you like a wah with a lot of throat that cuts through the mix and
has a growl characteristic unlike any other pedal a Rippah series
wah may be for you. Think of the early Boomerang wahs.
Based on the classic Italian Wah circuit the Q-wah can be set up
to be a little thinner sounding if desired or you can add a little bass
into the mix. Think of the Jen wahs and Super Crybaby's. This is
what the stock setting of the Q-wah is modeled after.
Modeled after my very own Clyde Signature Wah. If you are after
that vintage Clyde tone with a little bit of flexibility then this wah is
for you.
Set up to have more bass response on the input signal with a fat
punchy low end and a darker growl control than the Q-wah the
Wilson series is for you if you like a lot of low end or just a punchy
thick wah sound. This is the one to have customized for Bass
guitar if you're a bass player as well.
The stock setting of this wah is meant to emulate that of the
vintage Macari wahs. Set up and tuned right next to my own it
doesn't stop there. The T.C.C. gives you 6 different settings so if
you like to get your funk on to a different vintage sound it's but a
few clicks away.
The world's first fully tunable, fuzz friendly, vintage spec (optional)
mini wah pedal. Small & compact the Mini Vintage Wah will save
you precious real estate on your pedal board without sacrificing
So crazy filter sweeps and funky volume swells are your thing.
The Freaker is right up your alley and I might add is also another
favorite of bass players.
So you're a Chili pepper fan or just a fan of the vintage WH-10 but
would like a little more durability and perhaps a few more options.
Maybe you just want to tame down the volume boost. Well look no
further than the Ten Spot II and Funk Factory.
Check out the
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Wilson Effects
swag and
Modified to vintage specs so it sounds exactly like it's vintage
predecessor. True Bypass and optional boost control.