The Wilson Effects Vintage Taper wah pot is an exact replica of a vintage Clarostat pot out of a vintage
Clyde McCoy Wah. I sent one of these away out of my own personal collection to have the taper analysis
done and the replication I'm proud to say was a success. This is a sealed extra life potentiometer that will
fit in standard Crybaby style enclosures. Liven up your wah with one of our Vintage Taper 100K Pots.
The Wilson Effects Wah Pedal Mod Kit includes one of our Vintage Taper 100K Pots, a Wilson Effects Custom
Wound Trash Can Style Inductor and 2 BC109B transistors. Give your existing wah a complete overhaul with
some Wilson Mojo. Eliminate those ice pick highs and get that vintage quack you've always wanted.
The Wilson Effects Inductor is modeled after an actual Halo Inductor from an original Vox Clyde McCoy Script
Wah. Wound exclusively for Wilson Effects you won't find another inductor out there quite like this one. These
have a lead spacing of 11.5 mm so keep that in mind when ordering and check your wah if you are able to drill
holes or if it will drop in to replace your existing inductor.