At the core of the Sukhasana you'll find one of the most popular vintage Blues circuits ever built. based on the
vintage Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal I've bent the circuit to provide the user with a bit more gain and the mod
switches which allow you to swap sets of diodes in and out of the stock circuit in order to alter the gain structure
of the pedal. I've also added a treble control to help what I feel is a somewhat lackluster tone response of the
tone control. These two controls now work in conjuction with each other to help you dial in the exact amount of
highs you would like to pass through the signal. The Bluesbreaker tone has been a staple sound of the likes of
Eric Clapton, John Mayer and countless others throughout history. The Sukhasana is powered by a 9VDC
2.1mm center negative power supply and is covered by a bumper to bumper one year warranty on parts and
labor. Each unit is handmade by yours truly right here in Guilford, Indiana. If you happen to have any questions
about this or any pedal please feel free to cantact me through the website.
Coming soon!
Formerly known as the Black Tooth Grin