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Wilson Effects
Combining three stellar effects into one box a plethora of tones
are now at your fingertips. The Stoned Grasshopper combines
three of the most desired effects into one box. This
soundscape of tone begins with the fuzz side of the pedal. With
three exterior controls and an interior bias trimmer to control
the ripping fuzz sounds of the Stoned Grasshopper you have a
basic volume control to adjust the signal strength of the fuzz
section. The next control is the midrange control. Sculpt your
fuzz tones even further with this added feature not typically
seen on vintage fuzz boxes. Last but not least is the fuzz
control. This control works like a typical vintage fuzz control. To
get the most out of this control I would suggest setting the
control to three o'clock or more and using your guitars volume
knob to adjust the intensity. Last but not least is the internal
bias trimmer. Tune your fuzz to a sputtering dying fuzz effect or
tune it to be a more fuzzy warm sound. All this control over a
vintage seventies based fuzz circuit.
The overdrive section of the pedal is based on the most
popular overdrive ever made, the tube screamer. While the
circuit is based on this infamous pedal there are various mods
to the circuit to allow you to get more drive as well as an
altered tone stack that accompanies the altered drive section.
This allows the circuit to have more transparency at lower drive
settings. The controls on the drive section are simply, level,
tone and drive.
Last but not least is the clean boost section. The boost is a
mosfet based booster allowing for crystal clean boost that is
capable of overdriving a clean tube amp. So whether you use
this to boost your signal or to drive your overdriven tube amp
into oblivion it is sure to please.
At the rear of the Stoned Grasshopper there is a unique jack
configuration enabling you to separately route the fuzz section
of the pedal to anywhere in your signal chain. This is
accomplished by using an internal switching jack that will
separate the fuzz section from the drive and boost section
when plugging into these jacks.
Yes you get all of this for not much more than a new tube
screamer would cost!
All of our pedals are built with a true bypass circuit therefore
not sucking the life out of your signal when in bypass mode.
The Stoned Grasshopper operates on an industry standard
2.1mm center negative power supply or a high quality alkaline
All pedals are covered by a one year warranty on parts and
labor and is hand built right here in the U.S.
If you should happen to have any other questions about the
Stoned Grasshopper please feel free to contact us via the
contact link above.

You can purchase the Stoned Grasshopper
by clicking the appropriate icon below.
U.S. Customers $200.00

International Customers $225.00

Canada/Mexico Customers $220.00
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