Wilson Effects
Wilson Effects
Wilson Effects
Josh Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dot Hacker

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam

Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam & Brad

Mike Tramp - Singer Songwriter and lead vocalist of White Lion

Jim Kimo West of The Weird Al Yankovic Band

Brett Kingman of The James Reyne Band

Evan Haymond Jack Russell's Great White, Jeremy Thurber,
L.A. Sessions

Pure Grain

Sol Records of Bright Indiana

Tim "T-Sly" Sylvester of Freakbass and The Sly Band

John Gentry Jr. of Magic Jackson and Freekbass

Ashly Badgett of The Weather Kings and Bashly

Matt Slocom of the Jimmy Herring Band

Anthony Drennan of The Coors

Thiago Trinsi of Seraphim

Mike McGraw of The Brian Buckley Band

Ryan Hickey of The Blues Shivers

Arnold Strickland of Strick9

Henry Kaiser Experimental Guitarist

The Dallas Moore Band

Joel Dixon of The Waking Night
Wilson Effects
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