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Do you like the parked wah sound but don't like the
thought of having to find the same spot on your wah
pedal each time you step on it? The the Wilson Effects
Parked Wah is the answer to all of your problems. The
Parked Wah is an actual inductor based wah circuit with
every possible control imaginable for your wah sound.
Level controls the amount of volume or output of the
effect. Mids controls the mi-range parameters of the wah
circuit. Growl controls the bass and gain of the wah
circuit. Last but not least Sweep controls what physical
position you are in in the sweep of the wah.
In addition to all of these controls the Parked Wah also
boasts an expression pedal jack if you'd like to go at it
traditional style. Please note that when plugging into the
expression pedal jack the wah's sweep will be reversed.
This is due to some expression pedals will over rotate
and cause noise at the toe of the pedal when set up in a
traditional fashion. To top it off it is also fuzz friendly.
The Parked Wah is true bypass and is powered by an
industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply
or 9v battery. It is also hand made from the highest
quality components available today and is backed by a
one year warranty.
If you happen to have any questions about this or any
Wilson Effects pedals please feel free to contact me via
the website or email.
You can purchase the Parked Wah via the links
U.S. Customers $145.00

International Customers $170.00

Canada/Mexico Customers $165.00
Please email me
for an estimate on
current lead times.
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