Orange Blossom
The Orange Blossom is Wilson Effects take on a very popular "Brown Sound " style pedal. The older version you may remember from the videos below had only 3 controls, Volume, Tone and Drive. the new version of the Orange Blossom gives you those same three controls with an additional Shape control that alters the contour of the drive itself as well as a mod switch to add more low end to the circuit adding even more possibilities to an already fantastic overdrive/distortion pedal. So whether you like just a tad bit of overdrive to fatten up your tone or you like a face melting distortion with that brown sound edge the Orange Blossom is sure to please even the pickiest pallets. Don't take my word for it check out the videos below and see for yourself. The Orange Blossom is true bypass and is powered by an industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply or 9v battery. It is also hand made from the highest quality components available today and is backed by a one year warranty. If you happen to have any questions about this or any Wilson Effects pedals please feel free to contact me via email at
The Original Orange
Blossom has been updated
to include and additional
mod switch and a shape
control. The circuit is the
exact same only there is
more options. Demos of the
newer style are coming
Please email me for
current lead time