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A nasty Fuzz Octave based on the most famous
transformer based octave pedal of our time. With an
additional input gain control you have even more flexibility
over your octave tones than ever before.
So whether you like a hint of octave or a full onslaught of
nasty fuzzy octave tones the Octave Up is sure to deliver.
The Octave up also comes in a compact size therefore it
doesn't take up all of that valuable space on your pedal
It should be noted that as with any other fuzz based
octave pedal you will achieve the best results when you
use the Octave Up in conjunction with another fuzz or
overdrive pedal. This will ad to the sustain of the octave
notes and fill out the pedal quite nicely.

The Octave Up is true bypass and is powered by an
industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply
or 9v battery. It is also hand made from the highest
quality components available today and is backed by a
one year warranty.
If you happen to have any questions about this or any
Wilson Effects pedals please feel free to contact me via
the website or email.  
You can purchase the Octave Up via the links
U.S. Customers $150.00

International Customers $175.00

Canada/Mexico Customers $170.00
Please email me
for an estimate on
current lead times.
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