The NPN No Face is based off of the vintage 1970's version of the Fuzz Face circuit. Operating on
silicon transistors this pedal provides a full on fuzz assault but also cleans up extremely well with your
guitars volume knob. Unlike older Fuzz Face pedals I've added every control you can possibly think of to
the No Face,.Level, Cut or Fuzz, Bias, Mid-range, and a mold which helps shape the fuzz tone. You can
dial in tones from a full on fuzz assault to a clean crisp light overdriven sound to a glitchy, velcro like fuzz
The PNP version is based of the 60's style Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit. With the same amount of
controls and flexibility the only difference is this version operates on Germanium PNP transistors. Keep in
mind this pedal is true to the circuit so it is positive ground and will require a dedicated or isolated power
Both pedals operate via a standard 9VDC 2.1mm center negative power supply. Each unit is handmade
by yours truly right here in Guilford, Indiana and comes with a bumper to bumper one year warranty on
parts and labor.  If you happen to have any questions about this or any pedal please feel free to contact
me through the website..
Coming Soon!