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Here at Wilson Effects I've received so many requests to
modify the reissue of the classic WH-10 wah pedal the
WH10V2. In the past I hesitated as I felt that I had already
replicated the vintage WH-10 with the Ten Spot II. I also
understand that some of you out there simply like the footprint
of the WH-10 hence the many requests to mod and work on
them. So after doing some research and comparing to my
vintage one I've come up with some mods that allow the
reissue to sound identical to the original and I've decided to
start offering these to our customers. What do you get with a
Wilson Effects modified WH10V2 you ask?
There will be two versions of this pedal offered. One will be a
basic modified version. This version will be true bypassed and
have all of the vintage mods making it truly as close to the
original as possible.
The second version will be the Deluxe modified version which
not only includes the true bypass and vintage mods but it also
includes an added boost control that will tame the boost
without affecting the tone of the pedal. This basically allows
you to have both versions of the classic WH-10 at your
disposal as you may well know the purple and black version
has the same sound minus the boost. This modification is done
by removing the dry output (who actually uses that anyhow?)
and the boost control is installed in this location as there is
pretty much zero room inside of these new versions for
additional features
Please be aware that since these are not my products I cannot
include my standard warranty on them so if you would like a
vintage WH-10 clone with a warranty I suggest checking out
the Ten Spot II or Funk Factory. I will however service these
modified versions if you have purchased them from me at a
reasonable price. Feel free to contact me with any other
questions you may have.
You can purchase these  by clicking the link below
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current lead times.
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