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What's the difference between Stock Wiring and Vintage
Stock wiring uses all modern components such as metal film resistors and
in production capacitors. Vintage Spec wiring uses carbon composition
resistors, vintage capacitors and when possible vintage transistors. All of
our vintage capacitors that we use in the Vintage Spec models are
Mullard Tropical Fish capacitors. The Vintage Spec package also
includes an LED for on off indication.

What is the difference in sound between Vintage Spec
and Stock?
The stock versions seem to have a more hi fi sound. The Vintage Spec
wiring seems to smooth the pedal out a bit and warm it up. On some of the
models it will even make the wah a little more spongy sounding. To the
untrained ear you probably can't tell the difference as my wife can't seem
too. Some people simply go Vintage Spec for the mojo aspect of it.

Why are there so many models and what's the difference?
Each model has it's own special nuances. The Rippah series has a much
different growl characteristic as does the Wilson models. Much of the
difference comes from just changing a few different parts within the circuit
and other differences are the controls and their abilities to alter the circuit
and it's sound. So there is a difference between the models.

Does my wah come with an LED?
Only the Vintage Spec wahs come wih the LED indicator unless otherwise
specified. Can we add an LED? Yes for a small up charge.

Why is my wah hard to turn on?
I try to set the switch on every wah so it is not that difficult to turn on, at
least to me. In some instances it may be necessary to raise the switch or if
as your wah ages perhaps replacing the felt pad under the toe that the
switch hits.

There is a scratchy sound when I play my wah, why?
Most of the wahs come with a cleanable potentiometer. It will on occasion
need to be cleaned. This is a good practice as this will help insure that
your potentiometer has a long life. I highly recommend using a non residual
contact cleaner/lube such as MG Chemicals Super Contact Cleaner.
Simply peel the black dust cover off the back of the pot and spray a shot of
cleaner in the slot underneath the wires. This should clear it up and if by
chance you need a new pot, please contact me as I can get you a
replacement for much below retail cost.

My wah is making a humming noise, why?
There are many reasons a wah pedal picks up a hum. Make sure if you
are using a power supply that you are using a regulated power supply.
Make sure that the pedal is as far away from any power supplies or ac
cables as possible. Make sure you have the pedal far enough away from
your amplifier.

Why does my wah pick up radio stations?
I have only had this happen a few times since starting out but it turns out
that wah pedals are notorious for picking up radio signals. It seems this
happens more in certain parts of the country than others. One thing you
can try if you have this problem is moving the pedal to a different location.
There are many topics on the world wide web about this and many
solutions to try. It's hard to say which ones may work but if you have this
problem and cannot resolve it please contact me and I will work with you to
try and resolve it.

If I choose to replace my potentiometer or switch myself
does this void my warranty?
No. There are a lot of instances where I do not mind if you work on or mod
your pedal. I actually encourage you to experiment if that's your thing all
that I ask is that if you have a problem and you have caused it please be
up front as I will typically take care of it aside from shipping costs.

If my pedal is out of warranty will you still fix it?
Typically when there is a problem with one of my pedals it is not that hard
for me to address. While I state that I have a one year warranty I typically,
on a regular basis fix pedals that are out of warranty or that have been sold
to someone else. I will usually only charge shipping in these instances to
cover that cost. After all I have my name on these pedals and that is the
type of service I would want for myself. All that I ask in these instances is
that you be patient as it really depends on how busy I am at the time on
how quickly I can get to the repair.

My pedal is too loose and won't stay up. How do I fix this?
At the heel of the pedal underneath there is a 4mm allen screw. While
there is an allen wrench included with most of the wahs I recommend
getting a T-handle wrench as it is a lot easier to get in there and get the
leverage needed to tighten it. Some of the pedals also have a washer on
this screw. If needed you can take the screw out and remove the washer to
get a little more range out of the tensioner.

I have a question you didn't cover here. How do I get the
Please email me at wilsoneffects@wilsoneffects.com
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