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I have a Question about my wah pedal. Where do I look?
Please look HERE or you can email me at

How long will it take me to get my pedal?
I typically will list an estimated lead time on the home page. This is only
an estimate as some time it may take a little longer and sometimes it
won't take that long. I typically ship USPS Priority Mail on all domestic
and international orders. If you are in the U.S. your pedal will typically
arrive in 2-3 days once it has been shipped. If you live abroad it typically
takes 6-10 days. Sometimes however customs will interfere and it may
take a little longer.

I bought a pedal from one of your dealers or you and it
arrived broken. What should I do?
Please email me as I will typically email you a return shipping label and
repair the pedal as quickly as possible and get it back to you in working

I live outside the U.S. will you declare a lesser value for
my pedal.
Unfortunately I cannot do this. I have to declare the actual value of the
pedal for insurance purposes as well as it's the law. If the pedal was lost
in the mail this is how my insurance claim is based.

Can you custom build me a pedal?
Yes I custom build pedals although I do not do custom graphics at this
time. Please email me if you would like to have a custom pedal built.

I noticed that you do not offer a certain pedal anymore.
Can I still get one?
Yes, most of the pedals that I do not offer anymore are listed in the
archives. If you had your heart set on one and all of a sudden the new site
was published and it is no longer offered, fear not as I can still build you
any of the pedals that I used to offer.

I lost the directions to my pedal, can I get another copy?
Yes, simply email me and I will send you the required directions.
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