Wilson Effects
Wilson Effects
Wilson Effects
wilson effects
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Three effects in one, Fuzz, Boutique Overdrive and Boost with a  
Fuzz section you can route via switching jacks.
A two channel D-style pedal which can be routed separately via
switching jacks.
The Dual Lotus' little brother. One channel with all the bells and
whistles including a 3 way clipping switch and low pass filter.
Inspired by the three knob Tonebender take your fuzz tones to a
new level with 6 tonal selections at your finger tips and a plethora
of different controls.
Swirly Uni-Vibe madness all in a compact pedal that won't eat up
the valuable real estate on your pedal board.
The Haze pedal's big brother, not only do you get swirly Uni-Vibe
madness you also get added controls to shape your tone and with
the step of a switch enter Uber mode for swirling phaser sounds.
An Uber flexible version of the Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround.
An Overdriver/Boost clone with all of the features you wish the
original had.
An adjustable fixed wah pedal with a real inductor based wah
circuit and an expression pedal input.
An overdrive/distortion circuit capable of going from clean to
overdriven to full out distortion. Modeled after the vintage Guv'nor
Six boutique Tube Screamers in one with an additional clean
boost. The effect order is optional via switching jacks on the top of
the pedal.
A NPN version of the classic 70's fuzz face with some added
controls for more flexibility. Cleans up well with the volume control
on your guitar.
A modern take on the classic Bluesbreaker pedal with added tone
and treble controls as well as some clipping mods to sweeten the
available tones from this amazing pedal.
The classic Tubescreamer circuit with all the boutique mods you
could ask for, additional clipping and a fat modification switch as
well as more gain on tap.
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A positive ground fuzz modeled after the vintage 60's style Fuzz
Face using NOS PNP transistors and a variety of added controls
giving you endless fuzz tones.
A Brown Sound style overdrive/distortion with some additional
controls to make you drive a little more useful.
Get your Jimi on with a fuzz based octave up! Includes transformer
and all an affordable alternative to the original and based off the
original circuit as well.
Based on the legendary Ross Compressor but with some added
controls for even more flexibility!
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swag and
Based on the ring mod section of the Mold spore Wah. A ring
modulator with wacky but useful tones.
Hot Pink Triangle Muff or Metallic Silver Cartoon Beaver Ram's
Head Muff.
Based on the infamous Super Fuzz pedal we’ve expanded on this
design to give you some excellent tonal options in addition to the
stock Super Fuzz sounds.
An organic overdrive/boost that livens up the tone of an already
overdriven amp.