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Wilson Effects
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Wilson Effects
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Take the world's most infamous Compressor and add a
few extra controls for even more control over your sound
and you have the Wilson Effects Compressor.
Based on the Ross Compressor made famous by a
number of platers the Compressor not only gives you the
same control and tone of the original but it adds two
extra options. You can control the clipping or gate of the
compressor via the clipping knob. So whether you like a
long sustaining note or a slightly gated compressor
sound you now have the option of dialing that in. There is
also the added Attack control. This controls how quickly
the Compressor attacks and recovers from compressing
your signal.
The Wilson Effects Compressor does all of this while
adding as little white noise as possible.
The Compressor is true bypass and is powered by an
industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply
or 9v battery. It is also hand made from the highest
quality components available today and is backed by a
one year warranty.
If you happen to have any questions about this or any
Wilson Effects pedals please feel free to contact me via
the website or email.  
You can purchase the Compressor via the links
U.S. Customers $155.00

International Customers $180.00

Canada/Mexico Customers $175.00
Please email me
for an estimate on
current lead times.
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