Wilson Effects
wilson effects
Wilson Effects
Wilson Effects
Coming Soon!!!
The Knuckle Dragger
Tweaked out Super Fuzz Tones!!!!
I'm also working on a mini wah board that fits
directly into the new Mini Dunlop enclosure.
Boards are on order so stay tuned for more! In
the mean time you can pick up a modded mini
from my Reverb shop or on Ebay. Check it out

Please email me
for an estimate on
current lead times.
Check out the
Merch link for
Wilson Effects
swag and
Pictured above is the interior of the modified mini.
There are two exterior controls, one for mid-range
and one for Growl, or otherwise known as bass and
gain. You can pick these up as mentioned above or
shoot me an email. The price is $135.00 in the U.S.
plus $25 shipping on international orders. Check out
my You Tube channel for the short clips below I put
together just to demonstrate the range of these

Wilson Effects You Tube Channel