Please email me for
current lead time
Check out the little demo I threw together of thew forthcoming 'Grey Clone Wah" to the left.
I'm hoping to have these available through the website soon.
 Pre-order is now available!
Shoot me an email at
Part of the changes that are coming is that the Signature Wah & Wilson Wah have been
discontinued. We had to do this in order to make way for the Wilson Wah V2. A fully
adjustable stand alone wah capable of just about any wah tone imaginable vintage or
modern! Pre-Order is now available. Email me at!

I'm happy to announce that currently the World War Distortion Pedal is getting closer to
release. I've sent the template off for art and I'm expecting it to be ready by early Spring.
I've also been busy working on a 100% analog bucket brigade chorus pedal. If you pay
attention to my social media accounts you may have seen it. That will be forthcoming as

I'm planning on exhibiting at this years Dallas International Guitar Festival May 3rd through
5th. If you find yourself in that area please stop by as we will have goods to sell as well as
plenty of stuff to try out. Until then stay warm and remember summer is