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Summer is here and with that we have a new Pedal Of The Month. This month's pedal is none
other than the Freaker Wah V2. Check out the demo of the new version to the left. You may
also notice that we've retired the original version of the Freaker Wah. This was done as the
V2 covers all of the original circuit's territory and then some.

Other happenings this month;
I will be in Brooklyn on June 9th and 10th for the Delicious audio Stompbox Exhibit. I will have
an extensive demo board as well as a selections of wahs on the floor to demo. I will also be
selling direct on the floor. Please stop by and say hello and pick up some wares as I will have
quite an assortment to choose from.

Summer NAMM is fast approaching as well. If you find yourself in Nashville please stop by
and say hello and demo our full line. We will be in Booth 1458 this year.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to email me at or through the contact page of the website.
June's Pedal of the Month is the Freaker Wah
V2. Save 20% with the code"Freaker" at