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Wilson Effects
Wilson Effects
Make sure you check out issue #65 of Tone Report
Weekly. The Wilson Effects Dual Lotus Drive was rated
the number one pedal hands down for emulating the
tones of the infamous Dumble amplifier! If you would  like
to order one please click the link above for more info on
the Dual Lotus.
Good news for all of our international customers as well!
Shipping rates on the wah pedals have been reduced.
We try to not pass on any unnecessary expenses to our
customers and when we are able we absorb any added
costs that we can.
There's also some new pedal news in the works! The
Knuckle Dragger, AKA super tweaked out super fuzz is in
the artistic stages of development. I'm hoping to have the
design portion completed soon and the pedal hopefully
will be available this spring some time. Here's a short
little iPhone teaser clip until then.
Please email me
for an estimate on
current lead times.
Check out the
Merch link for
Wilson Effects
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