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Ahhh, Spring has finally sprung and with the beginning of a new month it's time for a new
Pedal Of The Month. This month's pedal is the legendary 12 Position Rippah Q-Wah. This
wah has been a flagship wah for many years and excels with high gain or clean tones. Also
included is a cheat sheet that allows the user to set the pedal up to several vintage wah tones
that have been tuned in side by side including the, Clyde McCoy Signature Wah, Vintage
Colorsound, Italian trash can inductor, and a few other models. From now until the end of May
save 20% on the purchase of a 12 Position Rippah Q-Wah with the code "Rippah" at check

Keep an eye out for Wilson Effects in NYC next month. We will be participating in Delicious
Audio's Stompbox Exhibit at the Absurd Conclave in the Bushwick district of Brooklyn. Stop in
and say hi and try out some pedals from all of the participating manufacturers.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to email me at or through the contact page of the website.
May's Pedal Of The Month is the 12 Position
Rippah Q-Wah. Save 20% at checkout using
the code "Rippah" all month!