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wilson effects
Wilson Effects
Wilson Effects
On Sale for a Limited Time $165.00
New for 2016! Check back every month as each month we
will be having a different pedal that you can save some major
cash on!
It's May and that means all of our creepy crawly little insects
will be out among us. For a limited time you can save big on
the Stoned Grasshopper. Why buy three separate pedals for
boost, fuzz and overdrive when you can have all of them in
one? The Stoned Grasshopper boasts a killer boutique style
808 circuit, a seventies style fuzz face and a transparent
clean boost that will sweeten up any rig. Plus there are
switchable jacks on the pedal so you can move the fuzz
anywhere in your signal chain. So pick one up now for this
killer price!

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wilsoneffects@wilsoneffects.com with any questions you may
have about the pedal of the month or any other Wilson
Effects product.
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