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New Pedal Day!!!
Here at Wilson Effects we have a few new kids to add to the
family! Introducing the Boost, NotRite and the Angry Goat!
The Boost is a clean Mosfet boost that is capable of around 25db
of boost. Capable of overdriving a clean amp, being used as an
always on buffer as just engaging the pedal adds a clarity to your
signal or if you're like me use it to push your preamp tubes into
saturation for lead work.
The NotRite is a Fuzzrite inspired circuit that is capable of the
Doomiest of Dooms as well as some lighter fuzz tones. The
unique thing about this pedal is that it works just as well on the
clean or gain channel of your amp.
The Angry Goat combines two of the most sought after overdrive
tones in history into one compact pedal. One side boasts a
D-Style overdrive and the other side boasts a K-Style overdrive.
Demos will be forthcoming so check out the new pedals today!

We've also started modifying the new WH10V3's to sound like the
original WH10. The mods include permanent true bypass,
volume control to tame the boost and my vintage mods to restore
that vintage WH10 honk we have all come to know and love. I get
a few of these in every so often as they are not widely available
yet but if you have one to send in please feel free to contact me.